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About Us

Our "NOW" Is Next!

Auloni Magazine is an award-winning digital publication that addresses the evolution of business by highlighting the innovators and game-changers of every industry. Our featured individuals and companies are on the fast track to becoming household names in just a few short years. Our Now is Next is the perfect slogan as new generations of bricklayers tackling the world’s culture shift into entrepreneurship. We were an official media outlet for the 2016 Democratic National Convention, the 2017 “AM Goes Global Campaign” in Europe,  and the 2018 SuperBowl Events in Minnesota.



It is no surprise or shock at this point that the way we view business and entrepreneurship has changed. What used to be a very rigid definition and culture where only suits and briefcases earned the mega-millions now includes young billionaires in their thirties who wear t-shirts and jeans. 


And as Wall Street is still the Mecca of corporate business, Silicon Valley is its innovative Wild West, while the Internet is its unrestricted new frontier. At this very moment, anyone – regardless of race, creed, orientation, and gender – can be heard and start a creative revolution. And when it comes to being at the forefront of spotlighting the emerging leaders and ideas that are sparking it – Au’loni Magazine is taking charge.


We are not just fascinated with the already super-rich and successful traditional businessmen of yesterday – go read Forbes for that – we are all about what is next. Our all-digital publication is in a realm where the trends of today are too late for our invested outlook on tomorrow.


Au’loni’s purpose is solely on spotlighting innovative new ventures in all facets of small business and start-ups, whether it’s a cool new way to charge your phone or supporting a mobile bagel food truck that is smearing out the competition in philanthropy. 

It’s time to stop just being informed, and start becoming inspired. The way our media culture talks of successful businesses and ventures takes us into a voyeuristic phase that often leaves us thinking: they are so lucky, I could never do that. But they are absolutely wrong. 


Our very interactive features and stories on local and nationally known businesses not only give you a reader-friendly experience but helpful tips and advice on how to navigate your own success. 

We are one of the first and proud online publications to focus primarily on new companies and their unique game-changing services and inventions. Our staff devotes their hard-working time and energy into finding the best and exciting new ventures to spotlight. And while there are tons of new companies to choose from, we are very selective in telling a story that is one of a kind and an eye-opener the moment you read the first line. 


But we are more than just an online publication; we are an incubator for developing and bringing together new businesses with strong networks. Be on the look-out for our events that intend to take our featured companies from the pixels of your computer screen to the setting of a downtown networking party. 

Au’loni Magazine is not just a publication that intends to sustain and thrive online, but actually, raise the bar and set the standard for a larger discourse on how society thinks and talks about business. 


Au’loni Magazine is not just a publication, but a business. However, we are not just fixated on trying to remind you every day what a revolutionary business should be and not…we rather just have the pleasure of publishing all of the emerging movers and shakers in the industry that validate that.



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