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12-year-old Entrepreneur’s Candle Shop Opens in Northern Virginia

Alejandro Buxton, 12, is getting ready to light up the Tysons Corner Center mall in Fairfax County, Virginia, on Sept. 1.

The seventh-grader is the founder of Smell of Love Candles. He started selling candles in November 2020. The so-far 26 candle scents include names, such as “Alexa, clean the house,” “Donut Kill My Vibe,” “Bes (tea)” and “But first, coffee.”

The idea came about after his mom experienced headaches, believed to be related to other candle scents. That’s when the young entrepreneur came up with an alternative — candles made with natural ingredients.

Alejandro Buxton decided the company’s candles need to be made from “ethically-sourced non-GMO soy wax, luxury coconut wax, and essential oils,” according to Smell of Love Candles’ website.

Alejandro Buxton had a couple of other reasons for starting the company — he wants to buy more comic books and save for college. In addition to that, he’s donating a portion of the candle company’s monthly profits to charity, according to the company’s website.

He found his first customers at local farmers markets, and now his venture is expanding.

“We moved from the house. Now we have a production space here in Tysons,” Alejandro Buxton said.

Mother Patricia Buxton, is the company’s assistant to the CEO, who happens to be her son.

“I was not doing what he’s doing at 12 years old. I think I was just eating ice cream and playing around,” Patricia Buxton said.

His kiosk will be in front of the Victoria’s Secret on the second floor of the mall.

“Usually in the morning, I work on my business and then I go to school,” he said, when asked how he’ll juggle his responsibilities.

Alejandro Buxton hopes his journey will inspire others. “Never stop following your dreams,” he said. The candle kiosk will open at 10 a.m. Thursday. He also has YouTube channel and podcast called “Lessons from a Kidpreneur,” where he shares candle-making and business tips.

Source: WTOP News

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