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Daughter Of Jam Master Jay Earns Over $1 Million; Opens New Pizza Shop

Tyra Myricks, daughter of legendary DJ Jam Master Jay, is taking side gigs to the next level. The 28-year-old has used her skills and creativity to bring in seven figures a year. She’s currently managing a full-time job and five business ventures.

Although she has a full plate on her hands, Myricks isn’t showing signs of slowing down anytime soon. In fact, she opened a New York City-style pizza shop in Los Angeles on Saturday. She collaborated with Tyanna Wallace, daughter of the late Biggie Smalls, to bring her vision to life.

“It’s not an easy game,” Myricks tells Business Insider as she describes the life of an entrepreneur. “Everybody on the internet shows the glorious side, but nobody shows the treacherous side where it’s hard to get up in the morning.”

Myricks Landed An Opportunity With Drake’s Company

Managing one side gig is a balancing act for many people. But Myricks has mastered her schedule in order to meet the demands of five side gigs.

First, Myricks structures her day around her day job. She’s the director of design, merchandising, and development for OVO. This multi-million dollar lifestyle brand was co-founded by Drake about ten years ago.

In 2017, Myricks moved to Los Angeles after receiving an offer from Drake to work for OVO. Now, she’s earning six figures a year as a director at OVO. The company sells high-end streetwear fashion. OVO has received partnerships with Toronto Raptors NBA team and has collaborated with Canada Goose and the Major League Baseball.

How Jam Master Jay’s Daughter Manages Multiple Side Gigs

The other income that Myricks generates comes from her own entrepreneurial passions. While in high school, Myricks created a fashion line called Wealth. The business helped her fund her college education. Now, she’s focused on growing the company with her business partner. In 2019, she launched her first women’s Spring/Summer collection, The Source reported.

At the crack of dawn, you may find Myrick stopping by The Method to prepare the gym for opening. She’s the co-owner of this wellness and fitness center. Myricks opened The Method as the first Black-owned gym in downtown Los Angeles during the pandemic.

Before she hits the bed, Myricks does work for the branding agency she co-founded. This is where she allows more of her creativity to flow. She devotes the final hours of her evening to working on websites for celebrity client merchandise. The Launch of Juicy Pizza

Myricks has a head full of ideas but she doesn’t manage her side gigs on her own. Strategic partnerships have been key to her success. She tapped Tyanna Wallace to create a one-of-a-kind New York-inspired pizza shop that LA was missing. Tyra shared her secret ingredients with TMZ, revealing her clever way to obtain real New York water in her dough. The menu also includes famous New York-style dishes as pizza toppings. You can try jerk chicken pizza, oxtail pizza, beef and broccoli pizza, and the list goes on.

The hot spot, Juicy Pizza, is named after The Notorious B.I.G 1994 track, Juicy. She wanted to name the establishment after Biggie because she believed he is a true representation of Brooklyn. The pizza shop also includes an exclusive cannabis lounge in the back. The place will sell merchandise from Myricks’ design collection. She’s catering to celebrities with her back patio area where they can eat pizza and enjoy free cannabis.

Myricks is sharing her success with others through her EntrepHERneur Tour community organization. She’s working with another partner to provide resources to aspiring entrepreneurs. Myricks has built multiple six-figure revenue streams. There’s no doubt that she can help others jumpstart their first venture. Source:

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