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Jaden Smith to Open Restaurant Where Homeless People Can Eat for Free

Variety has learned that Jaden Smith is opening a restaurant that will give free meals to homeless people.

The establishment is named after Jaden’s I Love You food truck initiative, which he launched nearly two years ago, on his 21st birthday. The musician, actor, and philanthropist said his goal was to provide “healthy, vegan food for free” to those in need in Los Angeles’ Skid Row area.

Smith spoke with Complex last April about how his I Love You initiative needed to switch up its approach when it came to lending a helping hand in wake of the pandemic. Instead of the food truck, Smith worked out a way to send care packages to Skid Row that included food, masks, clothes, and hand sanitizer.

In October, Jaden launched his latest philanthropic project: The Water Box, a filtration system that helps provide water to areas that struggle to obtain the necessary resource. Smith took his venture to Flint, Michigan, which has been entrenched in a water crisis. Through his efforts, Jaden was able to provide the equivalent of at least 300,000 bottles of water.

“At any moment, we can create a new version of the world,” Jaden said. “I have a belief that the next thing that changes everything for everyone can be around the corner.”


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