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Michael Jai White to Launch Jaigantic Studios in Connecticut

Michael Jai White, whose work as an an actor, director and writer includes “Arrow,” “The Dark Knight,” “Spawn” and “Mortal Kombat: Legacy,” announced the launch of Jaigantic Studios, which will be Connecticut’s first mini-major studio.

White has long wanted to return to his home state to expand the industry with a studio that will provide jobs, professional training and apprenticeships for the local community. Jaigantic will open Studio One in July, which will be operational during construction of the purpose-built studios in New Haven, Conn. It will be used for Jaigantic Studio’s slate of productions that span film, television and other commercial projects.

Located at the midway point between New York City and Boston, Jaigantic Studios will serve as an accessible industry hub for students of Yale University’s drama school. The New Haven facility will house several sound stages, production offices, post-production and support facilities and motion capture stages, which will feature 360-degree virtual production volumes.

White’s venture aims to solidify New Haven as a primary entertainment market by combining Connecticut’s favorable film and TV tax incentives with the tri-state area’s talent pool, innovative technology and turnkey production facilities.

White’s primary focus will be to produce original projects including action drama “Crossroads Cafe” and the sequel to 2009 action comedy “Black Dynamite,” which he co-wrote and starred in. Written and directed by White, both are slated for production this year. “The Outlaw Johnny Black,” currently in post-production, is set to be the first production completed under Jaigantic Studios. It is scheduled to premiere on Thanksgiving of this year.


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