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The Worst Business Advice We’ve Ever Heard

Updated: 7 days ago

Business advice can come from anywhere, even from those who have never owned a business. But if you're a new entrepreneur just starting out, you tend to soak up all the information that you can. The most significant problem is there's no simple way to tell the lousy advice from the good advice. Sometimes experience is the only way to figure out the difference.

To share lessons they’ve learned in their business careers, 13 professionals from Young Entrepreneur Council reflect on the following question:

What's the worst piece of business advice you've ever heard, and why was it so harmful?

1. There’s a market for everything

I met people who told me that there is a market for everything. The truth is, you can’t just randomly create a product and expect people to buy it. To be a successful business owner, you need to create products that people are willing to buy. For that, your product should be able to solve people’s problems. So instead of thinking that there’s a market for everything, do your research first. —Josh Kohlbach, Wholesale Suite

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